Friday, March 5, 2010


Today I saw the most spectacular thing in the sky. I was on my tea break stroll at around 6.30 pm, date the 5th of March 2010. You see, I believe in wonders, I believe in signs. There was the usual at first, the white birds that fly away in a V pattern when the sun is setting, the acacia trees silhouetting amidst the setting sun. The buzzing of vehicles on the highway, some cool breeze, and green grass, all too beautiful. Then I looked up to the sky, there a lovely ray of colour, like the rainbow but patched like bits and pieces of clouds. From a distance it looked like the earths globe, as it would be viewed from space. The green and brown, representing the earth (soil and vegetation) and then the blue, representing the oceans. It is good to get in touch with nature. Once in a while, just to forget the everyday hustles. It occurred to me than when Jesus was born; the wise men noticed a brilliant star in the sky. Guys, lets not miss on the signs because we are too busy chasing money; which we all know; does not last forever.

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